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But you may hear your doctor refer to this procedure just as a PET scan.Learn more from WebMD about high-tech tests for heart disease, including CT scans, PET scans, total body CT scans, calcium-score screening, and coronary CT angiography.

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A CT scan (also called a CAT scan, or computerized tomography scan).

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Details about how a CT scan (CAT) is performed, and instructions for parents, including a video demonstration and illustration.Nuclear Imaging: PET and SPECT Scans. Positron Emission Tomography) and SPECT Scans (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography).

A CT or CAT scan is a shortened name for computerized tomography.

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CT scans provide cross-sectional images of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside your body.CT scan (computer tomography) and PET scan (positron emission tomography) are different but related imaging.

When doctors need to look inside your body to determine the cause of pain or abnormal symptoms, they typically order an imaging study.

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A CT scan takes pictures of the inside of the body. CT Scan of the Neck with Contrast.A fact sheet that describes the CT scan procedure and technology and its uses in screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

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Learn how they help doctors quickly detect internal injuries.Micro computed tomography is X-ray imaging in 3D, by the same method used in hospital CT scans, but on a small scale with massively increased resolution.A carotid artery duplex scan is an imaging test to look at how blood flows through the carotid arteries in your.

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Computerized Tomography (CT scan) is a procedure that assists in diagnosing tumors, fractures, bony structures, and infections in the organs and tissues of the body.

Ultrasound and MRI do not use ionizing radiation and have no risk of inducing cancer. MRI and Ultrasound are often not the best test and CT scans or x-rays are...CT-Scan CT-scanning is done under deep sedation or general anesthesia and is used to diagnose or follow the progression of.

The test merges two imaging technologies, positron emission tomography (PET) and.A multigated acquisition (MUGA) scan creates video images of the lower chambers of the heart to check whether they are pumping blood properly.

It uses a computer to make pictures of the inside of the body.

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The CAT scan (also called CT scan) is well-known by name, but do you really know what it is and understand how it works.

Answers to common questions and concerns regarding CT scans of the chest with contrast, such as what a CT scan is, what is done during a CT scan, and how long the.

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